SPORTTU was invited to participate since its digital sports platform enables youth from across the world the ability to connect, communicate, and share their passion of sports. The company issued the following remarks regarding their involvement in the 2016 GYLF:

“SPORTTU is pleased to take part in the Global Youth Leadership Forum since our company’s mission is to use our platform to “Empower and Unite the World” through sports. We have built a unique media technology that gives sports organizations and athletes the tools to connect and interact around their shared passion of sports, helping foster a healthier global community.

We believe in the power of sport to teach values and life skills such as teamwork, discipline and hard work. These values are so critical to success, and help to forge life-long bonds, mutual understanding, and respect among participants across religious, socio-economic and racial lines. Sports opens the door to both individual development and social participation, stimulating life skills such as communication, negotiation and leadership, while uniting individuals and communities. It improves health, reducing the likelihood of disease, drug abuse and teenage pregnancy. It is an effective way to reach young people and adolescents by offering opportunities for support and a sense of belonging. Sports is much more than a form of entertainment.

SPORTTU’s global sports platform has a unique ability to inspire and connect athletes across the world, helping reinforce these life skills and the health and social benefits associated with sports. On the platform, athletes will be able to build their own athlete profile, highlighting their sports participation and achievements over time. Users can also follow news, scores, videos and images of their favorite players, leagues and teams in real-time, across multiple languages. These features offer young athletes a digital way to showcase their involvement in sports and connect with others reinforcing a sense of identity, pride and belonging. SPORTTU benefits organizations as well, as it has been designed to connect the entire sports ecosystem, from amateur to professional, on one environment. SPORTTU’s platform provides businesses and organizations from major telecommunications companies to youth organizations with the tools to communicate and engage athletes and fans.

SPORTTU is very pleased to participate in this event and to use our technology to inspire and service athletes through partnerships with governments, sports organizations, non-profit institutions and the private industry.”