SKYY DMG’s SPORTTU will be launching a personalized sports app for the leading telecommunications company in Brazil. SNTV, a dedicated sports video provider, is partnering with SKYY DMG and SPORTTU to provide Brazilian sports fans with video news coverage from top sports events from around the world.

SKYY DMG and SPORTTU partner with some of the world’s largest telecommunications, media companies, and sports leagues to provide fans a personalized sports content experience. These SPORTTU powered apps and websites deliver fans sports video, news, stats, and scores from over 300 sports from across the world.

The SKYY Digital Media Group partnership with SNTV will offer the customers of its telecommunications, media and league partners SNTV’s industry leading coverage of the top sporting news from across the world through their informative, engaging and viral video.

“Consumers crave sports video content from their favorite sports, leagues, teams, events and athletes,” said Paul Feller, Chairman and CEO, SKYY Digital Media Group. “SNTV has a proven track record of delivering timely, engaging and informative sports video, and we are thrilled to be offering our telecommunications, media and sports league partners and their customers access to their high-value content.”

“SPORTTU has a proprietary media technology that offers personalized sports content covering sports leagues, teams, events and athletes from across the world. Our partnership will offer our comprehensive range of rich and relevant sports videos to millions of customers through their telecommunications, media and sports league clients,” said SNTV’s Commercial Director, Gabrielle Guedj.