About Sporttu

The Ultimate Fan Experience

SPORTTU provides a white label global sports fan experience for:

  • Telecommunications companies
  • Media companies
  • Brands
  • Sports Federations
  • Leagues
  • Teams
  • Athletes

Fans select and personalize global sports content and news from their favorite:

  • Leagues
  • Teams
  • Athletes
  • Federations
  • Events
  • Brands

SKYY’s first direct-to-consumer offering is the SPORTTU platform, a powerful turn-key platform that aggregates, categorizes, and personalizes sports content in real-time

Fans follow their favorite teams, leagues, and athletes for a personalized and curated global sports content experience across text, video, photo, and audio media

Watch video highlights, receive breaking news, and view post-game galleries from premium news sources across the world

SPORTTU allows consumers to engage with and follow all things sports in one digital platform, and is available for white-labeling as apart of a content solution to our partners. Benefits to partners and consumers include:


  • Utility: One App for consumers to follow and get all of their sports news and content across text, video, photo, and audio media. Why go to multiple apps when one will do?
  • Global Sports Content: Sports are global and fans want to follow sports, leagues, teams and athletes across the world – so we created the largest sports content engine in the world to meet this need.
  • Partner Customization: Our partners can augment the white-label version of the application with content that’s of most interest to their own consumers.
  • Personalization: Each fan can set up a personal following, so they get the news they care about delivered directly to them.
  • Social Engagement: Ability to engage in the app and to share it with other consumers in their social media communities.
  • Data: SportTu collects in-depth data on consumers to optimize its content recommendations

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