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Provide your consumers with a next-generation
sports fan app in a fully branded environment.

SKYY is a Direct-to-Consumer Application built on extensive content aggregation and categorization technology. Recent technology integration allows for unique, personalized content experiences based on Artificial Intelligence.  SKYY gives partners and consumers access to one of the largest, personalized, fastest-breaking news technology and content sources globally.

After five years of development and the completion of a successful global beta testing initiative, SKYY DMG launched its first direct-to-consumer product offering, SPORTTU. Using SKYY technology, SPORTTU allows users to create a personalized sports content experiences selecting their favorite teams, leagues, athletes, and sports news interests from one of the world’s largest sports content databases. SKYY’s unique technology and content engine uses natural search processing gives consumers the most relevant and richest sports content experience in the world through the SPORTTU content offering.

The SKYY Platform

uses proprietary natural language search processing to read content, identify keywords, and assign data to appropriate profiles, giving consumers one of the richest and most relevant content experiences in the world. Our database currently draws from over 30,000 global media sources, and growing.

SKYY’s content verticals include:





Health and Wellness

Breaking News

In today’s content marketplace,
there has never been a higher demand for
premium, unique content offerings and experiences.

SKYY is aggressively capitalizing on these dynamics, pursuing partnerships, and building out content
offerings to deliver the ultimate content experiences.